Case Study - Integration of your machines


Often, companies use different software applications in the different areas of production. These isolated solutions with different technologies (e.g. VBA, Excel) make it difficult to view and use the data coherently. Thus, the effectiveness of the entire system is limited.

Before: Stand-alone solutions are a limitation of effectiveness.



To create a uniform basis for these different areas, we have a solution:


With the Manufacturing Integration Platform, you can fully use your data potential

With the help of the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP), we integrate these isolated solutions onto a unified data platform so that data is easily correlated with each other. You have the choice of porting the existing individual solution or selecting standard software from the MIP ecosystem. With the standard interfaces of the MIP (e.g. ERP), you can easily add currently missing interfaces and choose between standard application and individual solution at any time. The originally isolated solutions are now connected. This provides an overall view of all solutions and enables you to monitor and optimize overall equipment effectiveness.

After: Former stand-alone solutions are now connected and integrated into the overall system – this creates optimal conditions for the profitability of your production.


As an MIP and HYDRA system integrator, we take care of the integration and introduction of the MIP for you, as well as the support for these applications or offer your employees the necessary training.

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