Case Study - Production automation for semiconductors


The semiconductor industry is becoming more important in times of energy transition. For example, not only the hybrid and electric vehicle industries rely on semiconductor modules, but also the solar and photovoltaic industries primarily use the technologies. The demand increases continuingly, which is why manufacturers want and need to make their production even more efficient.

Goal & solution

With this in mind, we have fully automated a production line for semiconductor modules for hybrid and electric vehicles for a customer of the top ten semiconductor manufacturers.

The goal was a fully automated production process that requires data exchange between the machines and the backend, for example for the production recipe or the traceability of production progress. Our task was to enable this data exchange. Technologies used are SECS/GEM, OPC, XML and Microsoft.NET.



The result is a heterogeneous machine park with integrated machines including Trace & Track, Recipe Select, Tool Maintenance and feedback on material consumption. Thanks to this automation

  1. production time has been cut by half
  2. stand-alone solutions have been integrated
  3. waste has been reduced
  4. production capacity has been doubled

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