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All-in-one solution thanks to WAGO, MPDV & MEGLA partnership

Together with WAGO and MPDV, we have formed a partnership to offer our customers an integrated solution from a single source. Because all good things come in threes – also when it comes to the digitisation of discrete production for manufacturing SMEs. But how did we get there?

One specific topic was always the focus of our discussions with customers: many, especially smaller, manufacturing companies want to digitise their production. On the one hand, the goal is to create transparency within the production process and then, of course, they want to increase efficiency, too. However, this idea also leads to a certain level of uncertainty and many questions: Where do we start? Which costs will arise? Who will take care of it – do I need (new) staff for it? Which provider is the best? Which options are there on the market at all and which path do we want to go and can we take as a small or young company?

And this is exactly where we come in, because the goal of our partnership is to offer customers a manageable entry-level solution for the first steps into digitisation, which can eventually be scaled to the entire company.

WAGO provides powerful hardware for production thanks to their Edge Devices. With the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP), MPDV provides an open integration platform to fill the WAGO Edge Computer with life and equip it for production operation. Thus, the hardware and the integration platform have found each other.

But how does this customised solution find its way into your production environment? This is where MEGLA comes in to complete the trio. Our task is to create interfaces between the MIP and the existing machines so that the overall system, consisting of the WAGO Edge Device and the MPDV MIP, integrates into the production operation. In detail, this means that the data from the machines is fed into the MIP integration platform, but at the same time the customer's existing software systems (e.g. ERP, personnel time recording, etc.) are also integrated. As a result, there are no longer any data islands, but all systems (the existing machines, the already existing software systems) are integrated into a holistic solution by MEGLA based on the WAGO hardware and the MIP software. This all-in-one solution collects data across all systems, transfers, stores, and refines it to improve processes and thus increase productivity.

There are several advantages for you as a customer. One of the biggest advantages is that our integrated all-in-one solution can be implemented in the greenfield as well as in the brownfield. If you already have machines, they should of course continue to be used to save budget as well as resources. However, this solution can also be applied to new companies or production plants that are to be newly designed. In this case, we offer our advice on how to achieve the best efficiency. If you cannot or do not want to provide your own IT staff, we will also support you with our expertise, if necessary.

Through this all-in-one package, results can already be achieved in the short term. Scalability is always guaranteed - in the long term we can grow together, step by step, depending on your developments and requirements. According to the motto: start digitisation simply and small, then gradually scale it up infinitely.

Jürgen Pfeifer from WAGO confirms: "Our goal of partnerships – in this case, the WAGO IoT partner network and the MIP Ecosystem – is to offer customers end-to-end solutions for digitisation. This joint package shows a great result, offering entry into digitisation as well as scaling to a large-scale project."

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