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Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the digitization of prestigious companies, a strong scientific background, partners of leading data platforms and powerful software developments – MEGLA will accompany you safely into the world of digitization or assist you in optimizing your existing implementations. A team of experienced and expert IT consultants, software developers and system administrators is there for you to develop the ideal solution for your business and requirements. Always focused on delivering decisive advantages in the market - regardless of industry or budget.

MEGLA Standorte in Dortmund und Meschede

We are where you need us.

Perfectly positioned to meet your needs

Our headquarters are strategically located in the town of Meschede, North Rhine-Westphalia. The office complex, which belongs to Telekom, offers an excellent technological infrastructure including high-performance network connections. All this provides the ideal environment for our team of software developers, engineers and consultants to develop target-oriented solutions for you. Given our proximity to the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences, we can also quickly implement the latest scientific developments.

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Inspired by progress

Our second location is located at the internationally renowned Technology Park at the University of Dortmund. Here, in the immediate vicinity of more than 300 high-tech companies, six universities and numerous research institutes, we keep track of the latest technological developments so that you can be the first to benefit from them. Through our close ties with the University of Applied Sciences, the Technical University and the Technology Center, you too will benefit from an intensive knowledge and technology transfer at MEGLA.

Mission statement for success.


Digitization means opening up new perspectives, changing perspectives and breaking new ground. We as your personal partner will always reliably guide your interests so that each new path ultimately leads to your goal.


Digitization means dividing the analog world into zeros and ones. Meaning that each and every detail becomes visible and can be accurately scrutinized and optimized. For us, quality means achieving great things in even the most minute details.


Digitization means always keeping sight of the big picture. We therefore see ourselves as an integral part of your project: as the interface to success, as an important source of inspiration and as an accountable partner. And we know what we are doing.


Digitization means transparency, performance and efficiency. Digitizing processes makes it possible for businesses to grow their added value and improve their position on the market. That is our mission.

Our quality policy

With our quality management system we pursue the following quality policy:

  • Strong customer orientation and long-term customer loyalty
  • Implementation and assurance of the quality requirements of our customers as well as our own requirements regarding the strategic orientation in order to define the framework for quality objectives
  • Fulfilment of legal, official, and normative requirements
  • Reduction of incorrect deliveries as well as the associated costs in the company
  • Control of operational processes through clear regulation of tasks and responsibilities
  • Continuous improvement of all company processes and the QM-system
  • Ensuring internal and external corporate communication
  • Involvement and active participation of employees in assurance as well as improvement of the quality
  • Ensuring the necessary qualification of personnel and suitability of equipment
  • Optimising adherence to delivery dates
  • Reducing order processing times
  • Reduction of errors and error costs
  • Improvement of economic efficiency
  • We also guarantee our quality through the optimal selection of our suppliers

To implement the quality policy, our management board has decided to introduce, maintain, and further develop a quality management system suitable for our company, which is based on the verification requirements of the

DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The responsibilities and authorities for this task have been defined. All quality assurance measures, activities, and inspections required for this purpose are coordinated within the framework of the company organisation and are fully supported by the management board within the scope of its responsibility for the quality management system. The implementation of this policy is monitored by internal and external audits as well as by management reviews (QM assessment), which, in turn, lead to improvement measures regarding the quality management system.

The right choice for every application.

Whether gateway, backend or cloud – we closely collaborate with leading specialists to develop a customized, optimal and efficient digitization concept for your business. Find out more about our major partners!


AVEVA is one of the leading providers of industrial software. A central product is the Plant Information System (PI System) designed to link data from different systems. It supports you in the handling of your business processes regardless of industry and displays all data reliably and clearly.

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MPDV is one of the leading suppliers of innovative Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for a wide range of industries. The company's award-winning solutions feature the modular MES HYDRA, a manufacturing integration platform as well as other technologies.

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TrendMiner is an advanced analytics platform for time series data enabling subject matter experts in the process manufacturing industry to analyze, monitor and predict process and asset performance in their operational context to improve operational excellence and overall profitability.

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The WAGO Group is an international, standard-setting supplier of electrical interconnection and automation products and interface electronics. It with a current worldwide workforce of about 8,600, and achieved sales of EUR 1.19 billion in 2021.

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Silicon Saxony

The association stands for exciting innovations, emerging companies and smart technologies. The network with over 550 members from the fields of microelectronics, smart systems and software, wants to change the technological world of tomorrow for the better today.

MEGLA is a member of this strong community.

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Being a partner of the largest software company in the world, we know exactly how to put its technologies to optimal use for our customers. Regardless of whether these are server products, development environments, frameworks or cloud solutions. You benefit directly from our decades of cooperation.

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Oracle is one of the largest software developers and is specialized in databases, middleware and business applications. The range provides solutions for virtually every type of system landscape. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we offer you access to this diverse range without having to procure additional licenses.

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