WAGO – open for your digital future

The WAGO Group is an international, family-owned company that offers both market-leading products for electrical interconnection technology and an open automation platform recognized across all industries. Automation users of WAGO profit from the freedom of being able to implement automation and IT tasks on an open platform while having access to a nearly boundless range of input and output modules. End users also profit from ready-to-use and custom tailored coordinated solutions. Benefits include enormous versatility, design freedom and end-to-end communication, from the sensor level all the way up to the cloud. Users also enjoy a high degree of reliability – even under extreme conditions. WAGO products connect, measure and network through simple solutions and intelligent connections. Customers profit from scalable solutions for integrating physical measured variables and from applications and assets in fields such as building automation, energy management, shop floor connectivity and much more. WAGO is open and ready for your digital future.


  • Open Linux operating system, docker capable
  • International approvals for worldwide use
  • Support of all important industrial signals with more than 500 IO modules, essential fieldbus protocols and Ethernet standards
  • Top-hat rail mounting and 24V DC power supply as well as lowest space requirements in control cabinets and terminal boxes. Thus ideally suited for new & existing installations
  • At home in building & energy automation, mechanical & plant engineering, railroad & marine, IIoT and many other applications and markets

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