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Everyone talks about digitalization. We do it. That is our task as IT allies. For your business, we do not only offer our own software solutions. We are happy to support you on an advisory basis with our expertise, as well as during the implementation of technical issues. For example, you have created an internal solution yourself that needs to be migrated to a professional environment? Or do you need support with administration and maintenance? You are planning the implementation of a software which can be integrated in production processes, or you already use the MPDV MIP, HYDRA, or another software such as OSIsoft PI or AVEVA PI?  Or do you have a completely different question for which you need support? Perhaps you will find yourself in our application examples. Our case-finder gives you an overview of our services. Together, we turn your digital visions into reality.


What’s your current situation?

My company already has established systems, but they are barely interconnected, so many processes are controlled manually. I actually need to interconnect our systems in order to create automation on the one hand, but on the other hand also to use our data more efficiently and, in turn, also to be able to carry out a certain risk management - and ultimately to be able to produce more efficiently.

It is helpful if you already have and use these proven systems - and to be as resource and budget friendly as possible, this should remain the case. Only if necessary, we do support you with our own solutions. However, you can get much more out of your systems and all your data. The basic requirement for this is to interconnect your systems so that data can flow in order to use it as effectively as possible and, finally, obtain an added value. Through this integration of the systems to your plants, we increase the degree of automation. Automatic notifications are then possible, e.g. (production) process-related, so that the topic of risk management is also covered by the automation process. We are your contact for programming interfaces. We are happy to advise you and also directly implement, if necessary.

Sounds interesting?

We do have the complete software development within the company, but our daily business alone often causes great challenges so that bottlenecks are a problem.

Furthermore, many employees, such as technical contact persons, are constantly on the road with customers and very involved in projects. It is difficult to respond to internal support requests or to fully address them. As a result, business processes might be impaired and colleagues wait longer for reactions and solutions, which, ultimately, leads to dissatisfaction of employees. That’s why we are looking for a solution for this.

We understand your problem all too well. On the one hand, the daily project related business is essential and the clients cannot and do not want to be kept waiting. On the other hand, there are the employees who need technical support. Bottlenecks are the result and there are simply not enough resources for that.

Have you ever thought about externalising the expertise?

Let's exchange ideas and look for a solution together: With our team of trained software developers, we ensure that someone is always available. Our developers are available as support to help your colleagues internally as quickly as possible, even if your technical staff are currently involved in project related business or on the road. We are available at all times. Perhaps it might be a solution for your company to outsource expertise and thus achieve constant accessibility so that company processes can continue to run even if your own staff are not available at the moment. Probably we can also provide you with maximum support through our own applications to avoid those bottleneck situations.

Contact us to discuss your request individually.

In my company there are self-developed software solutions for which no one feels responsible. These software solutions, developed by committed employees, working students or, for example, through graduation projects, are, however, mostly isolated solutions which are used independently and not in line with our IT department. We can't really work with them in the long term.

In fact, software solutions are often created in many companies by working students, smart trainees or in the context of graduation projects. These solutions certainly work well, but they are often isolated solutions that, sometimes unconsciously, become software relevant for production, but without the involvement of the IT department. As a result, you lack the staff or the expertise to maintain and support these solutions, to ensure operational reliability or to implement the transfer to a professional environment. This is where we come in, because thanks to our trained software developers, someone is always at your disposal; either in case of a need for support and maintenance, or to transfer your self-developed software solution into a professional environment and thus ensure operational safety. In such a case, we complement your solutions in order to integrate it into your business in a way that is not only budget, but also resource-friendly.

Do you recognise yourself here and want to know more?

I have already introduced OSIsoft PI/ AVEVA PI in my company and am using it or I plan to introduce it so that production-related data can be recorded and historicised there. In order to be able to draw further benefit from it, I would like to enrich this data further or also make the data in PI available to other systems. For this, I need support and the necessary expertise to implement the connection and provision as efficiently as possible.

As a certified partner of OSIsoft PI/ AVEVA PI, we are happy to support you. We can not only advise and assist you with the implementation. We are also happy to help with the connection to other systems, administration and maintenance. If you want to train several employees in your company in the use of this software, we can also offer training courses adapted to your company.


We use different software applications in the different manufacturing areas of my company. These isolated applications with different technologies (e.g., VBA, Excel) make it difficult to view and use the data in a coherent way because the manual effort is very high. In addition, there is no central technical staff in charge, so that possible troubleshooting is only possible with difficulty. I am looking for a standardised solution to enable a uniform basis for the different areas.

With the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) from MPDV, we integrate these isolated solutions onto a uniform data platform so that data can be easily correlated with each other. In doing so, you have the choice of whether the existing individual solution should be migrated or a standard software from the MIP ecosystem should be used. With the MIP's standard interfaces (such as ERP), you can easily add interfaces that are currently missing. In addition, the range of functions grows with your individual requirements, as you can choose between standard application and individual solution at any time. As a MIP and Hydra system integrator, we are not only available as a sparring partner, but also take over the integration and introduction of the MIP as well as the support for these applications, if required, or offer your employees the necessary training for this.

I plan to use MPDV Hydra as MES or I already have it in use. In order to make the integration into the MES of third-party systems as safe as possible for the future, I can well imagine the introduction of MIP as an integration system.

We would be happy to support you. Thanks to the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) from MPDV, the integration of third-party systems or customised applications into the MES is made possible. The so-called mApps for the MIP play an important role here. As a partner of MPDV, we are not only happy to establish direct contact, but can also support you when it comes to developing interfaces. You can only get the best out of your data with an optimal connection to your production environment and applications that are tailor-made for you.

My company is increasingly using the MPDV Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP), and it is becoming more and more prevalent throughout the different areas. I would like to contribute our ideas to the MIP, but I don't have the necessary know-how for the technical implementation.

Your own ideas can be integrated into the MIP as an mApp. With us, you have the right partner at your side, because we can implement the technical realisation according to your individual specifications. Our expertise as a MIP and HYDRA system integrator is raised to a special level by the certification of our developers especially for the MIP; as "MIP Certified Developer" we will soon be at your side as an official and certified partner with technical know-how.


I am currently using MPDV HYDRA with our own individual extensions in my company. Now I am about to switch to HYDRA X, but I would like to continue using these individual extensions. I need support for this.

A change to HYDRA X is certainly advisable. In order for you to continue to use your individual extensions, a revision of the software is necessary. We offer you the appropriate support. As an MPDV MIP partner, we also know our way around technically, so we can port your customised solutions to MIP. The change to HYDRA X is simplified thanks to MIP and thus enables the porting of individual HYDRA extensions. As a certified partner, we are happy to offer our support for this.

My company faces the challenge that one specific person is responsible for all the expertise and knowledge around a software solution – including operation and maintenance – this is the reason why we lack a certain level of centrality. So, what happens when this person retires, for example?
I have to find a good replacement very quickly. In this case, the technical as well as professional onboarding takes up a lot of resources. In the worst case, I am facing this dilemma, again. Therefore, I need a reliable solution for the long term.

This is where we offer our service in terms of a central contact person who is committed to your company. Thanks to a team in the background, we offer long-term support for your company.
The documentation and versioning of software solutions form the foundation for keeping up the knowledge and the reliability of your software solutions.

I have just successfully recruited and trained staff - but all the software-related knowledge lies with a few specific people and actually I need a solution that can better withstand fluctuations.

Fluctuation is an issue that affects almost every company – sometimes, also us ourselves. It is important to note that fluctuation is not negative per se – but if expertise and knowledge are lost as a result, it can become a problem. To avoid this, we have the following idea, which has already worked well with some clients: We simply share the expertise. This way, it doesn't lie with your company, your employees or with us alone - and so we can work together on software adaptations. You don't need the full capacity, a full resource or full know-how, because on the one hand we can support you as consultants, on the other hand we can also implement for you or with you. In this way, we become a team of allies who master the challenge together.

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