AVEVA PI Vision: Let's create your future together

For 25 years, the OSIsoft PI ProcessBook has been a loyal companion to our customers. Now it is time to say goodbye and start into a promising future with AVEVA PI Vision.
MEGLA will support you with this.

Digitalization creates endless opportunities for companies, but it also comes along with new challenges for them. The coronavirus pandemic has shown that the usage requirements for established IT systems are constantly changing. PI Vision offers a more comprehensive and robust platform that meets all the visualization requirements of modern industries. The new application is the successor to the PI ProcessBook and offers numerous innovative tools for data monitoring. The best thing about it: it can be used from any end device and any location. Your employees can also access important key figures remotely.

Still using PI ProcessBook? Don't miss switching to AVEVA PI Vision - and with our support, you can benefit from many new features, already.



End of sales


End of security updates


End of support

PI ProcessBook sales ended on December 31 in 2021. Security updates were possible until December 31 in 2022. On December 31 in 2024 support of the system will end.  

Our recommendation: act now.
MEGLA supports you during transition as well as with the implementation of AVEVA PI Vision.

AVEVA PI Vision improves collaboration within the company

AVEVA has implemented fundamental enhancements and at the same time improved the handling of trends and multistates. Using customized add-ons is also still possible.

On-the-fly calculations by AVEVA PI users

With AVEVA PI Vision, users act independently of PI administrators. This makes troubleshooting easier because users themselves can create quick calculations based on PI tags.

Multiple time ranges shown in one display

Don't just monitor the process status in a single time range, but extend the display according to your needs: to the past day, week, or month.

Further advantages of AVEVA PI Vision at a glance:

  • PI administrators can quickly identify the most valuable displays
  • Access data from any web browser, including mobile devices
  • Native integration of PI Vision displays into asset framework analyses

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