Did you know?

MEGLA offers the connection of sensors to PI systems!

We have software and hardware solutions to connect machines to a PI system. And this at particularly attractive conditions (from 450 Euro net). For maximum freedom when implementing IoT projects.

Whether temperature sensors that transmit data to PI via the IoT Gateway or the connection of other sensors and machines: (almost) everything is possible. Connect your existing system to AVEVA PI.

Your advantages

  • Encrypted data transmission via HTTPS
  • Protected access to the PI infrastructure thanks to Access Token
  • AVEVA PI Message Format for optimized data transmission
  • Caching of data in case of loss of data connection
  • Complete remote administration and maintenance
  • Flexible connection via LAN, WLAN, mobile radio, Lora
  • Easy addition of new data sources via Plug N Play
  • Tried and tested in industrial use
  • Easy mounting thanks to top hat rail
  • The basic equipment includes the hardware package:
    • IoT-Gateway, e.g.: “Iono PI”
    • Software
    • Power supply unit

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